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Festival “Me, A Human Being in the World” held in Riga

2023. gada 30. jūnijs

On 30 June, Ziedonis Class – the educational direction of Imants Ziedonis Foundation Viegli – organised a festival for children and youth Me, a Human Being in the World, which was hosted by the urban quarter Sporta 2 kvartāls in Riga. The participants enjoyed a creative and dynamic afternoon, participating in workshops, mind games, and other interesting enterprises.

Large-format games, photo orientation, and a bag painting workshop took place in the cozy yard of the Sporta 2 kvartāls. The team of Ziedonis Class also led the outdoor escape game Blēņas un pasakas (Twaddle and Tales), which has gained popularity among young people, and presented four new educational workshops for children and young people about contemporary art and the diverse oeuvre of Imants Ziedonis.

“We have organized such a one-day festival before and received an amazing response from children and young people. I am glad that this summer we have found ways to meet with everyone in person to spend worthwhile time during the school holidays. We invited young people from different cities of Latvia to the festival – Smiltene, Talsi, Jelgava, Daugavpils and Ādaži region. For our guests, we conducted workshops that were dedicated to contemporary art and culture. These activities are a part of the European Economic Area project. These creative workshops have resulted in new cultural education lessons, which we presented at the festival,” noted Elizabete Pavlovska, head of Ziedonis Class.

Just like the EEA project implemented by Ziedonis Class, the festival was inspired by the work of Imants Ziedonis – the book Es, cilvēks, pasaulē/Me, a Human Being in the World, written in the 1990s. This book by Ziedonis resembles a contemporary encyclopaedia for children about the world order, which retains its relevance today.


Imants Ziedonis Foundation Viegli , Ziedoņa klase is implementing a project “Me, A Human Being in the World”, A Tool for Fostering Contemporary Culture Processes (project No. EEZ/2021/1/28) with the support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism for the period 2014–2020 programme Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Cultural Cooperation, awarded under the open call Support for the Creation of Professional Art and Cultural Products for Children and Youth.

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