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The mural dedicated to families is unveiled in Ādaži

2022. gada 20. oktobris

The mural by artist Ance Eikena Tādi kā radi/Somewhat like relatives has been unveiled on the wall of Ādaži Secondary School, at Gaujas iela 30. The mural in Ādaži is one of five large-format artworks whose creation was brough about by the educational direction educational direction Ziedoņa klase (Ziedonis class) of Imants Ziedonis Foundation Viegli in cooperation with the foundation Mākslai vajag telpu (Art Needs Space). The murals in the regions of Latvia have been created with support of the European Economic Area financial instrument.

The mural Somewhat like relatives is a tribute to families, suggesting that, just like plants in nature, families can be very different. Artist Ance Eikena was inspired by the coat of arms of Ādaži, which depicts a protected plant – water lobelia (Lobelia dortmanna). “The coat of arms depicts lobelia flowers, mom and dad, who are protecting a third – the small, fragile, as yet unblossoming bud – child. I was very moved by the idea of such a family symbol, but I think we all know that life is not always that simple. Family can come in all shapes and forms; all families are complete and important. Sometimes the little bud has to grow up much earlier and learn to take care of himself, without the warmth and care of parents. Sometimes there are grandparents, godparents, friends instead of parents. Children may be adopted, and parents may be divorced. The different and perhaps sometimes incorrect depictions of lobelia blossoms in the mural symbolize different family patterns. They grow side by side and quite different, but each one is acceptable, sufficient and valuable,” says Ance Eikena. After the unveiling of the mural, those gathered participated in a collage workshop with the artist to create their own collage dedicated to the theme “What flower are you?”

“The work of the artist Ance Eikena is very touching and profound. In such a family-oriented municipality as Ādaži, it is necessary to talk about an inclusive environment and a society open to different families. I am pleased that we can talk about these topics through art. This contemporary art project is a cycle of events, in which we can still expect quite a few surprises,” says Elizabete Pavlovska, head of Ziedoņa klase (Ziedonis class).


Imants Ziedonis Foundation Viegli , Ziedoņa klase is implementing a project “Me, A Human Being in the World”, A Tool for Fostering Contemporary Culture Processes (project No. EEZ/2021/1/28) with the support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism for the period 2014–2020 programme Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Cultural Cooperation, awarded under the open call Support for the Creation of Professional Art and Cultural Products for Children and Youth.

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